Oh Blue


Best Bets

Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper
18" X 12"

In this time of mean tweets (or X’s), it is entertaining to rearrange the letters in four-letter words. It keeps the mind busy and adds some levity to our situation. It allows one to reflect on the power of words rather than bopping other people on the head.

The series “Oh Blue” is both silly and provocative. It consists of small papier-mâché´ sculptures painted white with rearranged words and suitable images: rats, faces, guns, stars all painted in blue. It makes a respectful nod to Chinese porcelain on which blue designs were painted as early as 1300. By the way, the Chinese got the blue pigment from Iran, well, Persia.

People get nervous when China and Iran are mentioned, and blue has taken on a political meaning. But not to worry. As usual, no meanness nor dogmatism is intended. You can interpret the work as you wish and maybe discuss it in a friendly way.